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Sarahkka logoThe Way of Love – The Way of the Sage

Fetsund, Norway 12-18 November 2018

Own your Power and Master your Light

Call off the search of enlightment and bring your light and beauty into every action. Embody the frequency of Love and bring it to everything and everyone. Live the Alchemy of always going to a higher level than the perceived reality and write your own script of your becoming.

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Book here: https://mariechristina.simplero.com/


Sarahkka logoWalking The Path of Gratitude - The Days of the Heart

Husbygård, Nyköping 5-9 December 2018

Be what you are!
Open the doors to what you truly are and what you came here to be in this lifetime. Clear the stories you bought into from your childhood and shine your light into the world. Bring back your power and create life from your highest potential.

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Book here: https://mariechristina.simplero.com

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